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Cleaning services

We provide deep cleaning services on heavily cluttered properties that require heavy duty cleaning. This includes jet and steam cleaning of hard and soft furnishings, as well as removal of unwanted items.

We can also provide a cleaning service tailor made to your requirements. It could be:

  • A one-off cleaning visit, for example on discharge from hospital just to get on top of the job so you can maintain your home yourself from then on.
  • A “blitz” visit to deep clean your home.
  • A regular cleaning service at a time and frequency to suit you;
    Cleaning internal windows.
  • A de-cluttering service.

Supporting Care North East Branch can arrange an appointment at your home with one of our co-ordinators to set up a one-off blitz package to return your home to a safe and comfortable environment once the home is free from clutter our staff will transform your home with a deep clean.

All members of our blitz team are specially trained to deal with vulnerable adults, the elderly and people with mental health and learning difficulties, who may find having a blitz clean a difficult situation to cope with.

The following areas fall under our remit to clean:

  • Household rubbish to be black bagged and put into an agreed area for refuse. If that area becomes full, the rubbish must be placed in an agreed area with the client for collection. We can organise a skip for you if required.
  • Carpets cleaned.
  • Carpet removal.
  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaning.
  • Soft Upholstery cleaned.
  • Pick up and remove dust/dirt.
  • Cobwebs cleaned.
  • Skirting boards and doors cleaned.
  • Walls wiped down.
  • All floor surfaces cleaned.
  • General tidy of all rooms.
  • Surfaces dusted/wiped down.
  • Windows cleaned.

Prices of deep clean and one-off blitz packages will be available upon assessment of your home.

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