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Care Manager – Minimum
Salary £28,000

Care Workers – £21,000

Are You Considering Becoming A Career

Before registering your interest in care work,
please read the following information:

Working as a carer, you will be responsible for the whole life of another human being who isn’t able to look after him/herself due to her/his illness or condition. Medication, food hygiene and personal hygiene are some of the things that need to be taken seriously. You will also need to be organised and efficient. Being disorganised will help neither you, nor your client!

In most aspects of the job, the best quality a carer can have is patience. Being patient and giving the client your understanding, perhaps when his or her behaviour challenges you, is one of a good carer’s key skills.

As part of your care routine you will have to do some cleaning that the client isn’t able to do by themselves. However as you will also be living there on a temporary basis, this may be much like cleaning your own home.

Most clients lead a very active, full life and you will meet their family, friends and social circle.
The job description of a carer is vast as tasks and responsibilities vary from client to client.

Becoming a live in carer means you will be away from home for up to four weeks. If you have never been away from home for this length of time, you need to think carefully about how you will cope with this aspect of the job. It would not be fair to your client if you left the assignment early because your felt homesick or missed your friends and social life.

The fundamental
attributes of a
carer are:

If you are willing to learn, care about improving others’ lives and have a positive attitude your skills will come together to give you an excellent grounding in best practice in care. Most importantly, many of the things you will do as a carer require basic common sense.

Your main role and responsibilities will generally include,
but are not limited to:

Helping clients in and out of bed
using hoists or other equipment.

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